David Rabinowitz was born in Odessa, Russia, in 1913, Rabinowitz, with his parents and three younger siblings, left the
country during the Russian Revolution and traveled to Montreal before settling in Philadelphia in 1930.

Rabinowitz met his wife of 62 years, Marcia Gertzenberg, on a blind date in 1932. Four years later thecouple married.

Rabinowitz's move to Miami in 1944 was mainly due to allergies. It was here that Rabinowitz established the Miami Diamond
Center on Northeast Fourth Street. He was the jewelry designer for the business.

Anybody who was in Miami in the '60s bought their jewelry from the Miami Diamond Company.

Besides the jewelry business, Rabinowitz, through his production company, Triangle Productions,
helped in creating The Court of Junior Pleas, which aired on television in Miami in the early 1960s.
The show consisted of teenagers putting their parents on trial to address issues between parents and their children.
Many of the local lawyers today were his kids on The Court of Junior Pleas.

When Rabinowitz retired in 1974, he continued to be active in the community. He opened an art galleryon Coral Way, where he exhibited many of his own abstract and geometric prints.

He also helped struggling artists, often purchasing their works. He later openeda small jewelry store in the Harbor Island Spa, on the Venetian Causeway in Miami Beach.

From the Miami Herald on July 16, 2001